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Obamacare – Nevada Health Link Releases Proposed Rates

The Nevada state Insurance Division released proposed rates for the four companies that have submitted plans to be sold on the Nevada Health Link health exchange beginning on October 1. All four carriers will offer plans in Washoe County and southern Nevada, while other counties will have to choose between two. The two companies that are offering coverage in all regions of the state are Anthem and Nevada Health CO-OP.

 Following are the 4 geographic areas where plans will be offered.

Southern NV: Clark & Nye Counties
Northern NV1: Washoe County
Northern NV2: Carson City, Douglas, Lyon and Storey Counties
Rural NV: All other counties

And following are the 4 companies which will be offering qualified health plans in Nevada health insurance exchange.

Health Plan of Nevada
Nevada Health CO-OP
Saint Mary’s

Comparing silver plan rates for 40 years old Southern Nevada residence, Saint Mary’s (HMO) is offering the lowest rate of $233.89 whereas rate from Anthem is highest of $273.94. For 60 years old Southern Nevada residence Saint Mary’s (HMO) is again offering the lowest rates of $496.69 and rates from Anthem is highest of  $581.75. For 25 years old Southern Nevada residence Saint Mary’s (HMO) is again offering lowest rate of $183.74 and rates from Anthem is the highest of $215.21.


Northen NV1 rates for 40 year old will vary from lowest $304.43 offered by Anthem to the highest $448.02 offered by Nevada Health CO-OP.

Rural area rates for 40 year old vary from $455.72 (Nevada Health CO-OP) to 475.45 (Anthem)

The sample rates for non tobacco user from all 4 insurance carriers are shown below.

Nevada Health Link Rates From Anthem:
nevada health link rates Anthem

Nevada Health Link Rates From Health Plan Of Nevada:

nevada health link rates Health plan of nevada

Nevada Health Link Rates From Nevada Health CO-OP:

nevada health link rates nevada health coop hmo

Nevada Health Link Rates From Saint Mary’s:

nevada health link rates saint marys hmo


Rural Counties to Pay Higher Rates

According to the information released from the insurance division, people living in southern Nevada will pay less than residents in other parts of the state, particularly those living in rural areas. However, many people in those counties will likely qualify for federal subsidies, thereby reducing their premiums.

Moreover, Nevada’s governor recently announced the state will be participating in the Medicaid expansion provision of the Affordable Care Act. This will result in an expected 78,000 more residents qualifying for Medicaid in addition to the 70,000 low-income people who are already eligible for the current plan. This will allow some patients who are being treated for mental health and substance abuse issues to be moved off the state plan and onto the federal plan, saving Nevada about $17 million. However, the expansion is expected to cost a total of $84 million, so the net cost to the state for the expansion will be about $67 million.

Under the Medicaid expansion, individuals who are 64 years old and younger and have incomes below 133 percent of the national poverty level will now qualify for Medicaid. The federal government will pay the entire costs of the expansion for the first three years, and will continue to pay 90 percent beginning in 2017.

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